Tall/Full Figure/Straight/Long Body/Short(er) legs Body Type

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So I had a client the other day who is beautiful!  She’s tall 5’8″ and a straight full figure body type.  I just fell in love with her because at a size 16/18 she’s very comfortable with her body type.  She eats well and exercises no less than three days a week so she’s doing what she has to stay fit and healthy. Her issue wasn’t that she wanted to be a size 0 or look different than herself.  She just didn’t know HOW to dress for her body type.  
After reviewing her body type I concluded that she’s has a tall, straight, full figure but the twist is, she is proportionately longer in her body than her legs. This changed everything she’d thought about what she should be wearing.  Just like so many do, my client had done some research on the internet and in books to see what her body type was and what she should be wearing and when she tried to buy and wear the items that the books and ‘experts’ were recommending, they just didn’t feel or look right.  This is because 1. most often I find that if someone is a ‘full figure’ (size 14+) then you’re suppose to wear long A-line shapes and 2. She wasn’t taking into consideration her proportions. Which I find to be a key component that is almost always missed and not addressed in those ‘Find your Personal Style’ books.  So here is the breakdown of what she should be considering having this kind of body type.  I hope this information can shed some light on anyone who has a similar body type.

Key Points

  • Elongate legs= Show more leg
  • Visually shorten appearance of upper body= wear tops that hit no longer than the top of your hip bone.  NEVER cover your crotch!
  • Must WEAR SHAPE to look like you HAVE shape= You are what you wear. You wear square you look square. You wear big and over sized…your going to look big and over sized. etc…
  • Soften the shoulder=being tall and a full figure, you can often have a broad shoulder. Softening this feature will give you a more feminine appeal. (And you’ll fell less like a full back)

What to Wear:

Jackets that are A-line from the empire line of your body (under your boobs) out will flatter and draw the eye up, making your legs look longer.

Also jackets that have a belt or waist detail will have the same effect.

Choose tops that sit no longer than on top of your hip bone. This will show more leg..thus, making your legs look LONGER!
The center front ruffle can draw the eye up too and away from any area you’re not feeling so confident about. wink.

Longer sweaters are all good but make sure you can belt it. Again drawing that eye UP elongating your legs, Also keep the front of the sweater open so you can see the full front of your body. This will elongate the your body too and not visually cut it up.
The asymmetry of this sweater too adds shape which is what you want!

Have some FUN! You don’t have to wear solid colors and dark denim if you have a straight body type.  Wear some denim that have personality.  Shading can create shape for you where you might be lacking. Especially in the rear end.  To make your legs look their longest make sure they fall as long as where your toe meets your foot in the shoe that you’re wearing. That will create the longest leg line for you.

Dresses that are uniform in color or print will elongate your body and balance out the in balance of your proportions whether you be long bodied and short legged or long legged and short bodied.

Yes, being 5’8″ or taller you can rock a maxi. A maxi with a contrast or design element at the empire line will be most flattering. The center stripe is slimming and elongating and most important, the dress falls flat and away from the body. BEWARE of gathering around the empire line. It can sometimes be a flattering element for your body type but it can also make you look like you’re expecting. You have to just try on to see for yourself.

So there are some suggestions for you to look for if you have a Tall, Full Figure, Straight, Long Body, Short(er) leg, body type. 
Let me know if you have a body type you can’t figure out and I’ll do my best to give you some insight.
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