Thank you…NO Thank YOU!

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Did you see the last episode of Oprah? I did and man has it resonated with me. One of the things she said is (I paraphrase) ‘if you’ve found your passion then you are one of the lucky one’s’. And you know what I thought…’I AM one of the lucky one’s. Helping women feel their very best, IS my passion’ and I’m so fortunate to have been able to find what my passion is, what I’m talented in, what I’m good at because God and my best friends know, I’m not good at much. In the seven years since I started my business we’ve (we: my husband and I) so many ups and Downs but what got me

through it was YOU. My clients. Your positive feedback and your support in all my fresh endeavors, just fuels me in ways you may never understand. I have so many clients who say “You changed my life” but truly YOU changed mine. I keep some of your ‘Thank You’ cards up on a board in my room so I can look up and see the connections we’ve made. It’s those connections that make me feel that what I do isn’t about the clothes but about YOU feeling fabulous and looking fabulous so you can BE fabulous. Know your cards and Thank Yous don’t go unappreciated and really I should be thanking YOU…you keep me going on the path that I’m meant to travel on.