Thank You Note To: MORE,Better,MORE Good Day Oregon

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It’s been so long I can’t remember if it’s been seven or eight years that I’ve been packing up my mannequin’s and fashion advise to head over to KPTV to share my Personal Style advise.

It started out as BETTER tv and ended as MORE Good Day Oregon. Through the years there have been so SO many changes. Not only the name but producers and executive producers, directors, interviewers, hosts, the show set and format. A few years ago robots…yes robots were brought in to run the cameras. Change is inevitable but last Monday I got an email letting me know that the show had been cancelled! I’ve come to expect change with the show but that was a change I was not expecting.


My initial reaction was sadness. Not just because I wouldn’t be able to spew my fashion and style advise on TV for KPTV, but also because I’ve come to feel like KPTV and the crew were a ‘home’ for me. I always looked forward to coming in and gabbing with the girls in the, freezing cold, green room about the latest celebrity gossip or fashion trends.


Now forgive me as I get nostalgic…. In eight years I, myself got engaged, married and had my two children. I really spent a significant chapter of my life associated with the show. I also watched the hosts through birthdays, injuries, marriages and not only babies but babies who grew up. That really has meant something to me and I will miss them all very much and plan on staying in touch. In all of those years I only missed ONE segment and it was only because I was hugging porcelain with the stomach flu. But come cold, flu or even vertigo, I showed up. I did so because I had SO MUCH FUN I never wanted to miss a day. I have no idea how many segments I actually did but I’m sure it’s in the hundreds. And each one was a blast and it was because of the EXTREMELY talented individuals I worked with. Kimberly Maus who always gave me such confidence even on live tv because she always knew the best questions to ask to get me to my point and Andy Carson who cracked me up so much I can’t believe I got through my segments without a major giggle attack. Brooke Carlson and I could have taken up 30 full minutes just gabbing about fashion like a couple girls at happy hour. I don’t have room on this blog to talk about and list all of those that I’ve shared a moment or two or ten with at the station but you know who you are, thank you! Thank you for the laughs and great times. Thank you for being so good at what you do so I looked great at what I do.


In a final look back at my relationship and experience with the show and all those at KPTV as well as all of the boutique owners who have helped support me, I am filled with and exploding with GRATITUDE. Eight years (or whatever it is) was a GREAT run. I leave with the best memories and experiences. I won’t say “goodbye” but “I look forward to the opportunity to work with KPTV and everyone involved again soon.”

If you’d like to check out some of my segments you can check them out on me YouTube Channel: DahlStyle

See you soon!