The boyfriend jean

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I remember, early 90’s wearing ONLY men’s jeans.  They were long enough (I’m 5’11”) and the just slouchy effect was party of that grunge look.  Who knew how BAAAAD they looked! Ugh the rise 3″ too long the load it looked like I’d taken in the back.. .SO not flattering.
Of course NOW there are ‘boyfriend’ cut jeans that are slim and flattering for us to choose.  So why do we still feel like our ‘boyfriend’ jeans have to be HUGE and BAGGY and unflattering?

You ARE what you WEAR: Describe what you see…that’s what you look like…NO joke.

  • big
  • baggy
  • slouchy
  • wide 

Is this how you want to look?  Yeeeeaaa….didn’t think so…

Another example if you haven’t picked up what I’m put’n down:

She looks SO bottom heavy and she’s NOT!

When it comes to the distressed shading…it’s common in any jean but high contrast (light to dark) shading looks phony and staged.  Plus it can make your thigh and butt look HUGE! Nuff said?

Holes and ‘worn’ areas should look natural and not like you took a razor blade to your jeans.  I don’t know it what situations your jeans would get ‘worn’ like this?

On the same topic…don’t make us look at our jean wear and wonder just how your jeans ONLY got worn out there…you know what I mean!
A little hole at the knee and some wear in the thing and butt…good..only wear at the knee…..yup. Nuff said.

Now take away that this twit of a model is like as size 00 (ya they have that..RIDICULOUS!) but here is what a boyfriend jean should look like.

  • Slim along the lines of your body. Not too tight/loose
  • Fits your rise, thighs and length
  • Uniform in color or distress. Not just on the middle thigh and butt.
  • Rolled up but a couple of times. Not 17 times to get the length you want.

REMEMBER: The same capri rules apply to bf jeans.  Don’t remember them…here…refresher  Capris and Ankle Lengthed Pants

Here are a few of my favorite picks for you to shop:  Choose stylishly!