The Break Down: My Habit Rachel Pally Dress $78 I got it for $50

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I’m always telling my clients..if you’re going to buy something it must fit into the following criteria:
It has to FIT you
It has to FLATTER you and your figure
It has to have FUNCTION in your lifestyle
and it has to make you feel FABULOUS!

So I got my dress in the mail yesterday…and I tried it’s how those same criteria broke down for me. (Same rules apply… right;)

FIT: The dress has a built in bra that fits me great. Not too big or small.  The straps aren’t buckling and the armhole isn’t too loose or tight.
The body skims my body, not too loose and baggy and not hugging anywhere.
FLATTER: Usually bright white isn’t the most flattering on me but the color confetti in this dress are all colors that flatter my coloring.
I do not love my legs so this is just long enough where it covers my legs but do you see how the skirt goes up on each side. This ‘jersey’ cut helps create shape for me and elongates my leg (shows more skin) which is good if I go with a longer dress.
TIP: To create the most flattering shape on a drawstring dress gather the fabric to the center front and then again to the center back so the dress lays smooth on the sides.

FUNCTION: I’m a Mother of two young little boys and a Personal Style Consultant so I’m either running around chasing little people or I’m eyeball deep in a clients closet or with them in a dressing room. I need to be able to get on the floor and play cars for hours and/or on the floor explaining to a client where a hem should hit on them.  In other words I need MOVEMENT! This dress, being modal its stretchy and comfortable so I can move and stretch. I can bend down and reach forward without tearing a seam or showing off the color of my underwear to people who don’t want to see it.
FEEL FABULOUS: So in the end…the dress fits me, flatters my figure, has function in my lifestyle but the fleeting question…does it make me feel FABULOUS?  It DOES! I LOVE it…I feel sassy and cute. It’s colorful which I need in my cream infested wardrobe. I can dress it up and I can dress it down. So you bet I’m going to keep it:)