The 'Oh Sh!t I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' shopping trip

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Been there?  Standing in front of your closet starring aimlessly at hanging items, not really focusing on anything specific because you know it’s not there.  The feeling of panic growing stronger and stronger.  The realization coming over you. You don’t want to have to face it but you have not choice.
I just had that moment yesterday.  The weather FINALLY shifted from Spring 60’s to summer 70’s and I realized I was completely unprepared.  I did bust out my spring/summer storage containers, however last spring/summer I had just had a baby and my body was in ‘transition’ as I like to call it. So everything I took out was now 2 sizes or more too big for me (yes, that did feel good but it didn’t make my situation any better).  I have four client meetings this week and the weather is suppose to only get warmer.  What did I do…I went on a panic shopping trip.  Those are THE WORST kind shopping trips to go on because you NEED something.  The cards are stacked against you already.  Well we’ve all been in this situation and it’s one that is necessary to address so here are some tips on how to approach it.

BREATHE Get your barrings.  You will be okay.  You will not have to walk out your door naked. I promise.

Shop the Classics

 You can’t go wrong with the classics.  They are timeless and simple.  You’ll be able to take that item and then pair it with something existing in your closet for sure!

If you don’t already have a ‘Little Black Dress’ or the basic blazer, adding this item can create a multitude of new outfits.

Remember there are seasonal LBD’s and Basic Blazers.

Avoid shopping for ‘tough to fit’ items

If jeans are hard to fit for you don’t head out looking for your next ‘it’ pair.  You’re just setting yourself up for disaster and heartache.

Shop for items that you know you won’t have a difficult time finding the right fit. And if all else fails jewelry doesn’t have a size to it and can change up an outfit dramatically.

Accessories change an entire outfit

A pair of shoes, a scarf, some earrings….

Pairing a seasonal piece of jewelry with existing items in your wardrobe can breathe new life to it. 

AND jewelry can be super affordable.

DON’T try something new

This is NOT the time ladies to get adventurous and try something new.
Yes you need something new but 9x’s out of 10 you’re going to buy something that just isn’t you, you aren’t going to wear, and it doesn’t look good on you.

Step away from the sales associate telling you you look ‘A-MA-Zing in that’. wink.

Stick to shopping for unique and different items when you’ve got less of a panic going on and more of your wits about you.

So what did I end up with?  Two blazers: a navy linen blazer and a white with blue ticking (dotted stripes) (season Basic Blazers) , two tee’s (classics), a raffia fedora hat in neutral color, a pair of gold and white bone and black bead earrings (accessories).  I will be going through my Inspiration Binder soon to create my list of shopping items so I won’t have that ‘Oh Sh!t’ feeling again!