TOMS…the new Crocs?

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I am seeing the TOM’S flat shoe EVERYWHERE!  They are easy to put on, can be stylish, flashy and neutral but are they stylish?

I say YES!  And I’m so pleased to see women and Mama’s rocking these instead of the crocs…even the ‘shoe’ style crocs. 
The TOM’S flat is NOT chunky and sleek in design.  You can choose so many different colors and patterns. Most important they ARE comfortable! You can even easily add any shoe insert if you need it.
 TOMS $53.50

The icing too is, you are giving to a child in need when you purchase a pair

So ROCK a TOM’S flat with:

  • Skirts TIP: Because of the nature of the style of this flat  (flat and there’s a great deal of fabric that covers the foot which can visually weigh down your body type) you’ll want to wear a skirt that hits at or above the knee to create the longest line on your leg
  • Dresses TIP: This is a more casual shoe so rock it with a casual dress.
  • Shorts
  • Pants TIP: Make sure your pants aren’t pooling on the ground. They should hit 1/2 inch above the floor or hit you where your toe meets your foot in the shoe you’re wearing.