Top 5 Tips on How to Shop Smart!

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KNOW your body type:

You aren’t going to be able to buy items that Fit, Flatter, have Function or make you feel Fabulous if you don’t know what those items ARE!



Shop for what you NEED first then what you want second

You can’t wear what you want unless you have what you need. For example. You WANT those Frye studded biker boots and that Micheal Kors Caplet. But you can’t really wear them unless you have that pair of jeans that fit you like a glove and make you butt look cute and the tee shirt that fits you well and goes under everything. You know, those items you’ll wear like twice a week.



FRIEND your favorite stores

Love Anthropologie or Nordstrom’s, that local boutique in your neighborhood? Friend them..get on their mailing list..introduce yourself to the owner if you can. You’ll get the inside track on sales and when the latest and greatest merchandise hits the store floor.




Dress for a marathon NOT the runway

If you’re heading out for a shopping spree you don’t want to dress for a runway…you want to dress for a marathon! Wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to get on and off. Shoes that you can slip on and off easily and MOST important..wear undergarments that are neutral and good for any outfit.




If all else fails…hire a professional!

I swear I’m not just saying this because I am a Fashion Consultant. I’ve seen from first hand experience how streamline and easy a professional can make the process for you. We’ll know what will work for you and what you’re budget is and work with that. Yes, it’s an additional cost but think of how much frustration and time you’ll save by not suffering hour after hour of trying things on that just aren’t looking good or working for you.

I’m just say’n…

Happy shopping and shop stylishly!