Top'n it off with a CAPE

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One of the seasons biggest silhouette trends is the CAPE. Not just a cape jacket but there are cape sweaters and cape blouses, cape tunics. They’re kind of everywhere and for someone who makes a living trying to help women choose pieces that flatter their figures, this shape FREAKS ME OUT! Why. Well if you’re one of my clients or a fan of my blogs then you know I’m always preaching that YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR. You wear boxy, you’ll look boxy, you wear frumpy, worn out and tired looking clothing…you got it…you’re looking tired and worn out. What shape is a cape? A triangle so you wear a triangle shape…and you could possible start to look like the next tele-tubby!

There are ways to pull this trend off and here is the breakdown (remember to click on the picture if you want to shop the style):

Petite (>5’5″)

Via Spiga at ShopStyle

Via Spiga at ShopStyle

If you rock this trend and you’re petite, it’s my suggestion that you choose a cape that

  1. Is no longer than right below your hips
  2. There isn’t so much volume to the cape that it visually drowns you.
Brooks Brothers at ShopStyle

How NOT to wear a cape if you’re petite







Ellen Tracy at ShopStyle

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider if you’re an hourglass figure and you want to rock a cape is we NEED to see your SHAPE! That is..the tiny of your waist. You DO NOT want to hide all of that curve under a blanket shaped like a pyramid.

Another key point is: Don’t let the cape hit you at the wides part of your hips. If you’re tall enough (<5’4″) than you can want your cape to hit you right below the curve of your hips. This would be about finger tip length if you have normal length arms:)

New York & Co. at ShopStyle

How NOT to wear a cape if your hourglass:


You picking up what I’m putting down. (wink)



If you’re TALL( <5’8″) and STRAIGHT (small, medium or large) body type then a great cape for you would be:

Loro Piana at ShopStyle

With height you can wear something that is more voluminous and longer because you have the ‘real estate’ to spare. And being straight you can use some swing to add interest to your shape.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle


SHORT WAIST (Your natural waist sits closer to your boobs than your crotch (well… it’s true!)

Love Moschino at ShopStyle

You want to AVOID belts or design lines, gathering, anything that creates a line across the ‘waist’ of the jacket. This will just exploit the fact that you have a short waist. Instead choose a jacket that has shape to the body but no waist detail, therefor elongating the line of the body.

Free People at ShopStyle


RUN SCREAMING from capes of ANY kind if you are:

  1. Shaped like a pear, triangle or are lower body heavy. This means that your hips are wider than your shoulders.

A cape will just exploit this shape of your instead of complimenting or flattering it.






2. Or if you are TOP HEAVY meaning that you carry your weight in you boobs and you stomach area but have skinny slender legs. This can be referred to as Apple shaped too.


A cape adds visual volume to the upper body just based on it’s shape which is not the goal to do if you’re this body type.




Did I miss your body type?? Let me know and I’ll make an addendum.