Trust me…you will love these pants!

Do you ever put on your skinny jeans….squatting, grunting, shimmy and shaking it until you get them on only to feel this weird feeling of frustration that grows to anger by the end of the day? Your shinnies aren’t really uncomfortable but by the end of the day you just cannot wait to rip them off! I’ve been there too and I wasn’t sure I would find a way out of this until I found these:

I borrowed them for one of my segments I do on MORE Good Day Oregon and I had to model them myself since they didn’t fit on the mannequin. Basically I woudn’t tak them off once I had them on and that just isn’t like me. Needless to say I have since purchased them myself and have never looked back. and search Prairie Underground Girdle pant

Wear them with just a tee and a cardigan for a casual…running errands all day outfit







Or rock a tunic and jacket over them. Love this contrast belt BTW








This is how I rocked them yesterday:

*Prairie Underground olive pants

* Cream see through knit top

* Coral Bra-let underneath

* Denim Jacket

* Vintage ankle boots

* Mellie Bianco bag in Coral




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