Weekend Shopping…I found my wallet! wink.

So I didn’t hit the sidewalk sale this weekend but I did do some damage at the mall and one local boutique this weekend! Yes. Though my husbands efforts were grand..I found the wallet he hid:) Joking.

Here’s what I got:


I’ve been searching for the PERFECT blazer. I was willing to drop some serious dough for this rare find and was so pleasantly surprised to find it UNDER $100 at Nordstrom.

Jackets are hard for me since I have such long arms and have the hardest time finding a fit that doesn’t look like I’m a BIG girl in a LITTLE coat. On this jacket it’s so casually cool ruched up so they fit perfectly!

Plus I’m so slightly short waisted so the length on this jacket will elongate me perfectly.

It has a very ‘on trend’ strong shoulder without looking like I’m waiting to be beamed up.

AND it’s longer in the pack and a little shorter in the front which gives some illusion that I have shape! YES!

Best of all…I can MOVE in this..it’s knit so it has some stretch in it.

Seriously. THE PERFECT blazer:)

I’ve had two babies in the past four years. I’ve put on the weight..taken it off just to put’er back on again and now that I’m DONE having babies…my body is finding it’s way to where it’s comfortable so I treated myself to a new pair of denim.

There is NO jean that fits me like Paige Premium..hands down for a girl shaped like a boy..Paige is your denim.

These are SO long they cover even my platform wedges which I love! I think I wore these three times this weekend. They are SO comfortable!





Ok. The jury is still out on these. Why? Well when I got them on..I’m reminded..they ARE NOT jeans but ARE leggings..so they’re tight..no problem and they were a higher waist which is good BUT they are SUPER high in the back. You say “no peek a boo with the underwear” I say “Droopy drawers after 1/2 hour”.

I’m hoping a belt may be the solution but in experience..these may have to go back..I’ll keep you posted.

They ARE the best brick color and the coolest texture with the FINE wale cord. The ‘red’ pant is so on trend. I thought this would be a little more original..



UNION ROSE: Local Boutique

Found these cool gold/brass earrings at Union Rose over in SE. (click picture for more details on boutique and location)

1. Love the shape

2. Love the gold..not too shiny but not brownish either. Just bright enough.

3. They were $24 which shows you that cool things don’t have to cost alot..every time:)





This isn’t exactly the belt I got but it looks similar. I just couldn’t get a cute picture of the one I got. I’ll wear this with one of my dresses which is a little fuller so it will again give the illusion that I have a figure:)






Ella Moss at ShopStyle

A college buddy of mine is getting married this weekend and the reception, I’m told, will be pretty casual. Out in the grass..country band..so I found this Ella Moss dress to wear:) It’s going to be HOT this weekend so I can pair this with some black flats and my snake skin clutch:) Yipee!