Wet Wellies

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If the past week is any indication of how much rain we should expect this fall, well get your wellies and oars ready!
The Classic: Can’t go wrong with the classic. Choose the army green or black to keep it neutral OR have some FUN with a color! Just choose a color you can incorporate into most of your outfits!
A Twist on the Classic: Love these little rubber loafers!  Pair these with some tights and cute skirt. Cute, not chunky AND functional! Great find Elyse!!
Go Bad Ass: Love this take on a biker boot by Micheal Kors!  These have such personality.  These would be great over a skinny denim even with a girly dress and leggings.
Flashy: LOVE these Vivienne Westwood rubber boots.  These are some something I’d love to pull off myself but just couldn’t. I can see these worn with some black tights, pencil skirt cashmere tneck and a GREAT statement colored leather jacket…maybe in a raspberry or bright yellow!
RUGGED: Go back woods with these Sperry boots.  Love the juxtapos of pairing these with a girly dress or embrace the lumberjack look with skinny jeans and a plaid shirt.  Just make sure that everything fits and has SHAPE or you WILL look like a lumber jack.
WHAT?: Really? How is a backless shoe going to keep you dry?  Well at least your toes will be dry…right?  Doesn’t make sense.
For the bugs: I totally embrace the inner child…but we don’t want that to reflect on the outside so literally.  If you want fun then choose a more sophisticated but fun pattern and color for your boots.
There are SO MANY options to choose for a rubber boot! Just remember to wear them functionally. Wearing a rubber boot when it’s a sunny fall day…doesn’t make sense but a darling rubber boot when the monsoon arrives…great way to look cute and stay dry!