What is 'Personal Style' if you can't see?

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Recently I had a client who’s vision impaired. When we scheduled I thought it was SO intriguing an opportunity but as our session approached, I found myself nervous and filled with anticipation of what to expect. How was I going to help her out. I mean I knew that I’d be able help her look great but I’m all about the process being personal and specific for each one of my clients and to get that I need interaction with my clients. I had thought..what’s ‘personal style’ if you can’t see?

When I met my client she was so inviting and welcoming. That was my first impression of her. Then we got a chance to sit down and talk and I was so struck with her natural beauty. She didn’t need a stitch of makeup on, she has a natural rose to her cheeks and her lips were the perfect shape and naturally pink. I thought how lucky she is. I have to wear every highlighter I can find to look half awake.

After taking a moment to question her on why she was motivated to seek out my services I was so fascinated with her perspective of what she considered style and what’s fashionable as well as what her expectations were. She knew that she liked blue and pink even though she’d never actually seen the color blue or pink. How did she know this? Think of it like reading a book..you hear someone describe a scenery and you just know how beautiful it is..it’s like that..plus people had complimented her on wearing those colors.

Our ques are usually visual, hers are all from feeling and descriptions from others. She loves jewelry, especially glass beaded jewelry. She can feel them and if you describe what it looks like, her minds eye comes up with an impression. It’s just the coolest thing!

What I did find to be quite interesting and to be the same with my vision able clients is, fit. You see she, just like 90% of my clients, judge an item by how it feels and because of that she had been wearing ill fitting clothing. I mean big baggy clothes just FEEL good right! If they didn’t you wouldn’t be wearing your husband tee’s or still rock those sweat pants from college that used to say ‘JUICY’ across the butt but now just say ‘UICY’.

My goal for her is to find items that compliment her beautiful and very feminine figure as well as give her the comfort that’s necessary for ANYONE! I also want to make getting dressed in stylish outfits easy for her. We’re working on plan on how I can afford ably assist her.

I wanted to share my experience with you because it proves that personal style is for ANYONE. Feeling good about yourself is for EVERYONE and NOBODY should be discriminated.

I’ll keep you all posted on our experience. BTW I of course, got my clients permission to share this.