What is Shopping Your Closet anyway?

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Once I’ve been working with a client for awhile and we have established a good functional wardrobe, I love the opportunity to be called in to Shop The Closet. We hit no stores or boutiques, just shop what my clients already have existing. They may have recently bought new items they want to know how to intigrate into their wardrobe or they could just be stuck and need new inspiration with what they’ve had for seasons and seasons. What I do is come sweeping in (love my dramatic flare?) and I spend an hour or so coordinating outfits that you otherwise didn’t see in your wardrobe. Most recently my client (and lucky enough to call her a friend now too) called me up to Shop The Closet. She needed some help refreshing her casual everyday outfits. And she was kind enough to share a few of the photos we took during that session. Thank you CW! So CW was feeling bored wearing her skinny jeans and boots most every day and wanted to rock some of her other shoes and handbags. She also had a few tops she wanted to wear but wasn’t sure exactly how. We had an hour and in that time we came up with about 20-30 new outfits and ensembles that she hadn’t thought of before. Sometimes a fresh set up eyes can see outfits you’d never thought of before. So here are just a few of the one’s she chose to share. I’ll commentate on each.

CW loved this black lace skirt but wasn’t sure how she could make it everyday wearable. Knowing that she loved how J.Crew styled some of their outfits but staying within the boundaries of doing anything too crazy we put this outfit together.

Chartreuse cardigan
Chambray collared shirt
Black lace skirt
Black tights or no tights in the spring
Black ballet flats
Her beautiful new red leather handbag that she wanted to rock






Here she had this beautiful tank top with all these beautiful colors in it but she wasn’t sure how to wear it.

Took the tank top which had beautiful jewel tones and olives in it with a deep purple cardigan. It really brought out and complimented the colors in the tank.

Paired it with her lighter colored (more casual feeling) skinny jeans

Instead of boots these taupe flats work perfectly to ground all the colors going on in the tops.

And to pull out again the olive green in the shirt this olive green leather bag is perfect!




Now taking the same idea CW had this really pretty ditsy print (small flower) tank that she wanted to wear but wasn’t sure how.

I took the same: jeans, shoes and bag from the other outfit and paired the tank with another cardigan (this time a shawl cut) to show her how easy it was to take the inspirations from one outfit to create another.





When I arrived that day CW was wearing the striped black and white tee, straight leg jeans and red Toms…really cute. You know I’m a sucker for a POP of color. Then she showed me this AMAZING Kate Spade bag she just got and wanted to know how she could rock this bag casually. So we put this together…

The striped tee shirt is a classic

Paired with a straight leg jean or even a skinny is SO very Parisian chic!

All we did was added was a black cardigan to keep her warm


The teal Kate bag combined with the red TOMS gives this basic outfit some real personality!!! It tells that style story right now of the nautical combined with the color blocking. Who knew you could look so chic running to the bank?


So then we moved onto this amazing azure blue skirt she had…it was THE most amazing color but she wasn’t sure how to wear it and wear it casually. Here is what we came up with.

Azure blue skirt

Chartreuse shawl cardigan

White sequins tank top

Barney purple handbag (to give the outfit some POP)

and to ground all those colors…

Black ballet flats



And for the last photo CW shared with us is another outfit version we came up with for the azure blue skirt.

She had this amazing raspberry red sleeveless blouse with polka dot pattern and pin tuck pleats down the CF that was adorable and looked amazing combined with the blue of the skirt.

We then paired that with a charcoal gray cardigan and to balance it out a grey tweed pointy pump that she had but rarely wore.





So that was just a fraction of our session. Thank you again to CW for sharing those pictures that she did. It’s great to be able to publish a visual of what goes on our sessions.

It was so fun to spend some girl time with my client and friend and I LOVE not spending any more money and getting as many outfits as we did in the hour that I spent with her. And we just barely even scratched the surface of what her wardrobe had to offer which was rewarding knowing the success that meant our shopping trips had been.