What NOT to Buy: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Anthropologie

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You know what I’m talking about, that top, pant or sweater you just know you’re going to see it in the sale section two weeks from now? I often wonder…’What were they thinking’ but every season you still find those bizarre silhouettes and unflattering cuts out on the racks just waiting for the unknowing consumer to come and buy it. Not knowing any better because they assume that if it’s offered, it must be cute and flattering right? Here’s me..trying to help…I shopped at a few of the most popular chains to try and save you from a bad choice or two. Back away from the ugly unflattering piece….

Ann Taylor


Seriously. What is up with the pockets on the boobs? This isn’t flattering for anyone. Just weird.





I love how the description of this shrug is stated: ‘A flattering silhouette’ There is nothing flattering about this shrug. It makes even this skinny models arm look saggy and fat. YUCK.

Remember you look like the shape you wear.



You CAN find a flattering shrug. Just choose one that doesn’t hide your shape or make you look saggy.

(not Ann Taylor)



Banana Republic

Okay one boob looks good…but the other??Kind of saggy no? Don’t you want both ta ta’s to look good?




Peplum shape (skirted at the waist) can work well for structured materials but in a knit it just doesn’t hold the shape it should and falls out puffy but droopy. Not really flattering. Remember volume in an area you’re trying to camouflage may actually cause that area to look larger than you’d want.





Ok. I’ve rarely seen a culotte that flattered. It’s a look. They are a WIDE and CROPPED pant so they will only make your look WIDE and CROPPED. The only body type I’ve seen that can carry that shape is someone 6′ tall and skinny. And even then…not a fan.





Ok look how much volume is hitting at the hips and thigh region of the cardigan. The short sleeves off set the balance so much as well. I don’t see this flatting anyone.



This dress is called ‘Forever Fond’. Forever Fond of what? Looking drab and dreary?