What to Wear in the Wet and Cold

There are times when I recommend to my clients that they wear an open decollete top which means..a V-neck, scoop, sweetheart neck top. During the winter I’m so often asked how they stay warm when they go outside then. Here are some suggestions for anyone who’s looking to stay warm AND stylish this cold and wet winter

Sperry, Aubin and Wills, Eugenia Kim, M Missoni

I find this style of hat to be flattering for most. I like the idea of a hat that’s charcoal or black but has alot of style. That way you can wear it with a number of different scarves and jackets.

On the other hand I like a statement scarf. This Missoni isn’t cheap but it’s recognizable without being overt and obnoxious and it’s functional and fabulous, warm and stylish. Always make sure you’re choosing colors that flatter you since this will be worn next to your face.

The jacket isn’t just a trench style (looks good on everyone) but wool so it’s going to keep you warm. I’m a big fan of jackets that are not black but make sure whatever color you do choose is one that looks good on you. Also if you look close this jacket has the coolest gold corner details.

And the gloves. These are cashmere lined…yes seriously. Cannot go wrong there:)

I spotted these Sperry boots at Nordies and I’m in love. They are functional (will keep you dry and warm) but they aren’t bulky or look like the rain boots everyone is wearing these days (sorry Hunter..I did LOVE you) Plus the gold detail makes these boots look much more expensive than they are:) SCORE!

Stay warm and share with me your winter looks!