What’s your color of the year?

Pantone in Fashion

Not sure how to wear Pantone’s two colors of the year for 2016, Rose Quartz pink and Serenity blue? Try a pattern. This jacket is from the Thom Browne Spring 2016 collection. (The Associated Press)

Pantone, the leading authority in color, has given us not one, but two options forColor of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, a pale blue.

These colors may be calm and soothing in nature yet they seem to have many of us up in arms. These light and airy tones may not be your cup of tea and if you don’t know how to wear them, they can be unflattering.

I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you navigate the pastel path, which you may want to take into consideration since spring is just hitting the stores and Serenity blue and Rose Quartz have besieged the retail floor.

Do they flatter you?

Each person is as individual as a snowflake, and so is your coloring, but to simplify the subject, your coloring falls into two main categories: cool and warm.

Turn your arm over so your palm is facing up. Now look at your veins. If your veins look blue then you most likely are a cool, and if your veins look green then you’re a warm.

Luckily Pantone has offered us a cool option (Serenity) as well as a warm (Rose Quartz). This doesn’t mean you’re confined to wearing one or the other but it does mean you have to be mindful of how you style yourself.

The number one rule is and always will be: Put the most flattering color closest to your face and the least flattering color the farthest away.

So you’re a warm skin tone but you’re in love with Serenity blue and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Easy: Just find yourself a fabulous pair of light blue trousers or a feminine and flowy skirt. You’re still wearing your beloved color but it’s not draining your face of the natural glow your skin has.

Pair it

If you absolutely need to own a Rose Quartz overcoat but you’re a cool skin tone, simply pair your unflattering color choice with one that is flattering and try to keep the more flattering tone closest to your skin.

Don’t ignore your trusted neutral, either. There is not a neutral that wouldn’t pair well with either color-of-the year option. A charcoal grey would look lovely with the Rose Quartz and navy would complement the Serenity blue perfectly.

If you’re still feeling paralyzed, check out the Pantone website. It gives dozens of pairing options to help guide you to the perfect pairing.


I recently was protesting how light blue washes me out and “what was I to do this coming season” when I looked down and in my scarf were a multitude of colors. The main tones were flattering to my skin, but Serenity blue was present, too.

Patterns! What a great way to incorporate the colors of the year in a way that will complement you. Be sure, though, that the dominant colors make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle.


I do not consider myself a pal of pastels but I can tell you what I am a fan of: handbags and shoes. I could never squawk at a beautiful Rose Quartz handbag or some sweet Serenity blue sandals. My only recommendation is that you spend less on items that may be more trendy than timeless.

It’s a bonus that we’ve been given a couple of options to rock this season. Now you have some tools to choose wisely and pair poignantly.