You asked: Wardrobe 'Holes' how to identify

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I wanted to answer some of your questions I’ve been getting from my Blog posts at Shop Adorn. One of them is this:

Do you have any advice on how to identify wardrobe holes? I’m paring down my closet and trying to fill in the gaps but am having trouble figuring out what I “need” to purchase next.

Identifying the ‘holes’ in your wardrobe isn’t easy and can take some work but putting the time and effort into doing so will reward you with a wardrobe and closet that is easy to get in and out, looks stylish and always put together.

First I think it’s always important to have a resource for inspiration so you know HOW you want your style and wardrobe to look like. I used to collect tear sheets from catalogs and put them into what I called an Inspiration Catalog but since then I’ve discovered Pinterest . I find all kinds of inspiration on this site and it’s where I collect the visuals of how I want my style to look. It will also give you great direction and inspiration on HOW to put outfits together which is so helpful in knowing how to identify the ‘holes’

Then once you have a visual of how you want your style reflected, THEN you go into your closet and start the weeding process. My process includes the Four F’s. Everything in your closet should fall within the Four F’s and if they don’t then it MUST BE REMOVED! So, What are the Four F’s?

FIt Flatter Function Feel

You see, things need to FIT you to FLATTER you and what good are they if they don’t FUNCTION within your lifestyle right? But let’s say you have something that Fits, Flatters and Functions but you just don’t love it, it doesn’t FEEL good on…then the love affair is over and GET RID OF IT!!!

Now to the point of this blog (what you thought it would be easy?) To identify the holes then, you need to go into your newly weeded closet, look at your inspiration photos and start to coordinate outfits. Have a pad of paper ready so you can note when you notice something is missing.

Ah. That skirt you love so much that makes you butt look great. Now what do you wear with it? You can wear it with your white blouse…but what else? Hmmmm. Off to your inspiration photos, look at that picture of a skirt just like yours and the person wearing it paired it with a great navy blazer and a striped tee shirt, you love the look…Ah HA! You found a hole to fill. You put down on your list ‘Navy Blazer’ and ‘Striped tee shirt’. Your skirt needs to coordinate into THREE different outfits for your wardrobe to be efficient and if it doesn’t, you’ve got a hole to fill.

And if all of this is just too much work…you hire someone like ME (a professional) who does this everyday for a living and I’ll get your wardrobe humming like a well oiled machine.

Keep your questions coming…I love it!