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So I now am at liberty to announce my BIG NEWS!!! You will soon be able to get my Personal Style tips by reading my NEW COLUMN for THE OREGONIAN and!!

Yes, beginning February 1st you will be able to read my Personal Style column: Your Personal Stylist where I plan on answering any of your Personal Style questions and needs.

So let me have it…what do you want to know? Where to find stylish winter jackets? How to wear and where to find the latest spring trends? Whatever your Personal Style questions are, I want to not only give you an answer but show you how and why. I don’t want my column to be just informative but educational and INTERACTIVE! And that can’t happen without YOUR participation. I am YOUR PERSONAL STYLIST!

**So here is a hint for my first submission: It’s not easy to dress fashionably in our climate but it is possible and easy if you follow these tips…


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